Terms of use

This Agreement rules and governs relationships of use of photographic materials (hereinafter - the "photos") published or posted by an individual (hereinafter - the "User") on both websites www.sailingphotoawards.com and www.sailingphotoawards.ru (hereinafter - the "website") which are the property of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Yachting Federation" (hereinafter - "RYF"). 

This Agreement is a public offer by RYF. 

By registering and accessing the Website each user confirms his adherence to this Agreement.


The user donates RYF non-exclusive rights for using posted pictures in any territory of any state.

Transfer of pictures non-exclusive rights is not limited and takes effect from the date of accession to this Agreement.

The User keeps the right to use their own rights or provide similar rights to photos to third parties indicated in the territorial limits.

The user guarantees that the photos and their rights do not violate copyright, related and/or patent rights, rights of the means of individualization and other intellectual properties and other proprietary or personal non-property rights of third parties, without prejudice to the honor, dignity and/or reputation of third parties.

In the case of any claims, demands and proceedings to RYF regarding infringement of intellectual property rights to photos uploaded by users, as well as about the lack of consent of the persons depicted in the photographs, the user undertakes to take all measures to settle the claims. Upon receipt of any of the above claims RYF will remove the photo to which there are claims of, as well as keeping the right to remove or suspend the registration of User on the Website to ascertain the circumstances of the breach and the settlement of claims of third parties by the User.

User transmits RYF following non-exclusive rights (including, but not limited to):

- The right to publish, demonstrate and use photos in the information, advertising and for any other purposes on the Website and in the publications of RYF;

- The right to reproduce images (duplication, reproduction or other reproduction, i.e. repeated printing and publishing, allowing functional use of) in an amount of not limited circulation;

- The right to make changes in the pictures, supply photos giving them preface, afterword, commentary or other required explanations. RYF does not have the right to change or distort the image, or crop, if the crop alters the meaning of pictures, use optical illusions used in the compositions or collages as intentionally or unintentionally in the course of preparation for publication of the final pictures, except for operations retouching without consent of the User;

- The right to distribute images in any way by, including the implementation of replicated works to users (consumers, who offer functional use) without territorial limits;

Non-exclusive rights to photos transferred from the accession to this User Agreement.

Publish your photos is processed with naming the author or without (anonymous) but only by RYF decision.

Personal data

RYF provides all users personal data, while the User confirms his consent for collection, storage, using, processing and dissemination data by RYF and authorized by RYF persons who take the necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized disclosure.

RYF provides and ensures safety of personal data submitted by the User on registration on the Website, and will not disclose data to third parties, except in cases of special consent from the user or the legitimate demands of law enforcement. The administration has the right to monitor and maintain information about the IP-addresses of the User's access to the Website, and the right to use technical information files (cookies), placed on the local user terminal.

User Authority

User confirms that they have familiarized themselves with this Agreement and agrees to its terms.

Agrees to use the Website in accordance with the current legislation of Russian Federation.

User is personally liable for the content and legitimacy of the information and photographs he publishes on the Website, and for compliance with copyright infringement.

Agrees not to post photographs of deliberately low artistic and technical quality.

Undertakes not to publish illegal materials, which are defined as: pornography; materials showing (except for photo coverage of the events in which they are present as an integral part), or advocating violence, terror or violence; materials insulting universal or national dignity and religious feelings of believers; other materials that do not conform to the law.

Transmits RYF nonexclusive right of all communications to the public of their posted pictures, as indicated above.

Has the right to withdraw from the earlier decision to disclose images (right of withdrawal) in case of reimbursements all losses caused by such decision to RYF. If the photos are already published, the user is also required public notice of revocation. The User has the right to withdraw previously released images from circulation copies in case of offsetting losses caused by this to RYF.

RYF Authorities

To change the interface and design of the Website at any time, modify or supplement used scripts, software and other objects stored on the Website.

To amend this Agreement unilaterally.

To edit or delete text and photographic material published by the User on the Website, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, or harm RYF or third parties representations.

To void the User's right to use the Website by removing his profile ("Account") in the case of infringement of the copyright of third parties, illegal posting on the Website or breach of other obligations assumed above.

To refuse on re-registration of the User whose account was deleted earlier in case with a breach of this Agreement.

In cases of controversial violation of this Agreement by the User, the final decision on these matters belongs to the RYF.

To use personal data in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as materials published by the User on the Website in the public domain.

To transfer rights, given by the User under this Agreement to any third parties for the execution of this Agreement, without further consent of the User.

To request confirmation of authorship of the User who sent photos at any time.

To freeze profile (an account) within 72 hours in case of failure to prove according to the criteria described in the Rules of participation. Reactivating account is possible in case of evidence of authorship.

RYF is not responsible for

Content and accuracy of materials published by the User,

Violation of laws of the Russian Federation, copyright and other rights of third parties through illegal or unauthorized publication of foreign law materials on the Website by the User.

Any injury, damage, loss of data or for any other damages to the User and third parties through the use of the Website.

Safety of user data required for his authorization on the Website.

Lack of users access to the Site due to circumstances beyond the control of the RYF (failures and other communication channels).